With the Champions League Final coming up, Cloudbet is expecting a record number of crypto betting tickets this year.

Crypto betting

The upcoming Champions League Final is expected to be a historic event for cryptocurrencies. This year’s final will likely break records set last season, when it became the most bet on match in history with over $2 million dollars spent from Germany alone during an hour-long period before anyone had heard about what was happening!
The current slump that has hit Bitcoin isn’t touching these incredible numbers; unfortunately its value fell even further after advertising campaigns promoting entrepreneurship went viral online – but don’t count outambling yet: if anything comes along promising enough then people.

This year’s Champions League Final is expected to draw even greater viewing figures than last year’s event, which attracted over 700 million views worldwide according to Front Office Sports. The final sees historic sides Liverpool and Real Madrid go head-to at the Stade de France for a match that bookmakers know will be highly watched by bettors all over Europe!

Cryptocurrency is taking over sports gambling. A 117% increase in cryptocurrency use was recorded by Supplier Softswiss for 2022, compared to 60%. Despite dips during crypto crashes and increases of other currencies like USD or EURO – players are still betting with cryptocurrencies at higher rates than before!
A recent report from Cloudbet suggests that while casino turnover has stabalized after slumping values-crypto spending continues on an upward trend due mostly likely because many people who lost money investing into Bitcoin last year may not want their losses converted back into fiat currency right away so they can continue gaming albeit less affordably.

There’s never been a better time to bet on crypto! Bitcoin hit an all-time high this week, and it will be trading hands at one very special soccer match. The final between Real Madrid vs Liverpool is shaping up as perhaps the most watched sporting event in history–and you can take advantage of Cloudbet’s special offer just for catching both teams score live online from London today through tomorrow morning (8am EST). You won’t want miss out if your favorite revolutionists or reds come away victorious!

“The boom in crypto betting is just getting started and it’s easy to see why. With so many different markets, users can place bets on anything from football matches all over Europe or even who will win the NBA Finals! This gives bettors like me an opportunity increase our investments without investing more time than necessary.”

“The Bitcoin market has grown exponentially in the four years since Liverpool’s last Champions League Final against Real. With recent fluctuations keeping many soccer fans on their toes, there is still plenty of opportunity for big returns even if you’re not so lucky.”

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