Trade unions and the Holland Casino have reached an agreement to grant wage increases for all employees.

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The Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV) and De Unie have reached an agreement with Holland Casino. The company will be following the guidelines set out by these organizations, ensuring that their employees are properly compensated for all work done in a safe environment without facing any form of discrimination or mistreatment on accounta being part-time.

The government has announced that workers’ pay will be “structurally” increased by 2.5% starting from this month, supplemented with a further €60 ($63) permonth and an additional one-time payment of 350 euros in July! In addition to these great benefits for you as employee; next year’s increase is set at yet another 0.75%.

The Minimum Wage at Holland Casino has been raised to €14 an hour. The company agreed upon this new rate after COVID-19, and it is set to run from 1 June 2022 until 30 September 2023 with Marleen Berk discussing how these events impacted their HR decisions within the profession as well as what she believes will come out of future negotiations moving forward.

The Holland Casino has been hit hard by the coronavirus in recent years, but it’s not stopping them from continuing to provide great entertainment and games. “We were forced into close down for months”, says their CEO Marjolein van der Velden about two particularly tough periods during which they had many restrictions on what could be done inside or outside of building due this pandemic scare.”

“When it came time for us to talk about wages, there were a lot of factors that had to be taken into account. One was the financial position Holland Casino found themselves in and another how inflation affecting prices at large versus what employees might want or need as far their own personal situations go.”

The CEO of Holland Casino is pleased with their recent raise, noting that it was achieved in a short time period. He added: “This increase will allow us to maintain the excellent working conditions and benefits for our employees while maintaining an attractive environment.”

It is no secret that labour disputes have been hitting the casino industry hard. In Atlantic City, three major operators remain in a strike position – Caesars Entertainment Corp., MGM Resorts International Slot machine manufacturer Penn National Gaming Group Incorporated (PNGL).
At this time it seems unlikely any new contracts will be signed before workers go on their first walkout next month; however if there’s an early end to these strikes then some positive news may finally come out of city after years without growth or investment due largely because many locals don’t want change.

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