Jackpotjoy is excited to announce that their new CEO has been appointed. The company hopes this will lead them on an exciting journey forward with many opportunities ahead!

Introduction of a new director

Jackpotjoy plc, one of the leading online gambling operators in Europe with operations across various markets and offerings has today announced that Irina Cornides will be taking up her role as CEO at Jack pot joy subsidiary.
The newly appointed head honcho comes from an impressive list background including roles at Microsoft where she worked for 15 years before moving into private industry consulting working mostly on mergers & acquisitions projects involving big tech names such as Google or Tesla among others!

I hope this new position will be the perfect fit for Irina. She has a proven track record in developing top-notch revenue teams and managing large budgets, which we need at Intertain Bahamas!
Irina Cornides recently served as Jackpotjoy’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Before that she was CFO of another UK gaming company called smaller rival Netent Games Ltd., where her responsibilities included overseeing all financial aspects from accounting to human resources management while working closely with other departments such as marketing or engineering on how best optimize their work together so that profits can grow even further than they already have been doing lately .

Irina’s appointment is a huge win for us and we’re excited to have someone with her experience on board. Her track record of success in growing businesses makes Irina an ideal candidate, so it will be great working alongside her!

Irina has an extensive knowledge of the Jackpotjoy business and is well acquainted with Gamesys. They are fully supportive her appointment as CEO, which we believe will be good for both parties!

When the contract is up for grabs, she’ll be running Jackpotjoy. It’s been her responsibility since they agreed to buy it in April last year and now that time has come!

I have been given the opportunity to take on an important leadership role at Jackpotjoy. As part of my new responsibilities, I will be able help decide what direction for this company’s strategic future by maintaining strong relationships with their parent organization and providing guidance when needed about how they can best utilize all resources available within both groups working together towards common goals
In addition there are other tasks that come along side these two main categories such as helping make decisions regarding which business ventures should generate more revenue or investing time into making sure employees know exactly why something needs improving even if it doesn’t seem necessary yet.

The Jackpotjoy team is excited to have Irina Cornides on board. As the new Head of Growth, she’ll be helping them take their gaming business further and faster than ever before! We can’t wait for what this means for our players – we know you’re going to love it too (and especially if winnings are up).

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