It’s hard to believe that Ohio has already reached 100 signed host locations for Elys.


The land-based sportsbook service from Elys Game Technology and Wright Bet has surpassed 100 host locations in Ohio.

After years of waiting, the group is finally expected to release their product in Ohio next January. However they need regulatory approval and all required licenses from OCRC before then!

With our end-to-end sportsbook solution, we have been able to gain a significant amount of momentum within the retail industry.
Our team is proud that many businesses are using us as their preferred choice for an online casino experience because it means they can provide better customer service and more competitive odds than other platforms on which gamblers may be gambling today.

“We were excited to be a part of the Ohio Bar Owners Association trade show and display our cutting-edge “Build your bet” technology. We offer mobile access for players who want an edge, as well as hosts that can provide them with wagers off site before they come into place their bets.”

“The potential of this feature is huge,” said John Ciavarella, CEO at A2HK. “We believe that the bet velocity advantage it could generate for hosts and players will be a win-win as they are able to provide both an engaging product while drawing new customers interested in sportsbooks.” Bars & restaurants have been ideal locations when implementing our solution because there’s always room on top of tables or near TVs where we can install betting machines; plus most patrons spend more time inside than outside these days due largely thanks to all things social media!

Ciavarella believes that this new feature could be a win-win for the hosts and players, as it will generate revenue while providing an engaging product or service to their current customers.pots are ideal locations because they’re typically bustling places with lots going on at any given time – just what we need when gambling!

Elys is a company that has operations in five US states as well as the District of Columbia.

“We plan to continue expanding our sales pipeline with additional bars, restaurants and other retail establishments that have implemented sportsbook solutions,” said Ciavarella.

In a move that could boost sports betting across the state, DraftKings announced they will provide $200 in free bets for new Ohio-based customers who sign up before 1 January 2023.

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