“We are proud to announce our new initiative: SheLEADS,” – said 888 ltd.

Creative agency sheLEADS
Creative agency sheLEADS

888 is launching a new initiative to “nurture and develop outstanding talent.” This will be achieved by providing financial incentives for those who make their way through 8-levels of advancement within the company, as well as offering them opportunities outside of work with industry mentorships or prizes that can’t necessarily be obtained anywhere else!
A creative agency called SheLEADS has come up with this clever idea in an effort create more diverse workplace environments where underrepresented groups have access not just representation but also experiences at higher levels than ever before–all while making sure our workforce feels valued no matter what their background may otherwise entail (or even if they lack any professional qualifications whatsoever).

“SheLEADS is an initiative to get more women in the industry and higher positions. We want you on our team!”

888 is a company that’s always looking for ways to be more inclusive. They’ve just announced their newest initiative, which will have them leading the way on inclusivity and setting an example others should follow!

“SheLEADERS, these 31 female employees will be attending weekly meetings with external experts who are focused on developing their storytelling abilities. They’ll also learn how to better brand themselves and communicate more effectively.”

These skills are the building blocks to becoming a powerful woman leader. They will be applied on an everyday basis at 888 so future generations of female leaders can thrive in their careers and live up high performance expectations!

With its new program, 888 is committed to grooming future leaders who will carry on the torch into perpetuity.
The company’s CEO Itai Pazner welcomed this initiative with open arms commenting: “This perfectly aligns our commitment of nurturing and developing outstanding talent that I believe can help inspire next generation rising stars both within 888 itself as well across all industries.”

The final event of the programme will be a stage where each participant can share their personal and professional journey.

The company’s “SheLEADS” initiative has already started to make an impact, with 888 putting up goals for women holding senior positions and committing themselves 10% higher numbers in 2023.

In a world where many companies are looking for ways to stay competitive, one thing that will never go out of style is having the right team behind you. That’s why we’re so proud 888 has employees from all walks life- whether they have experience in marketing or finance – because it helps us better understand our customers’ needs while also giving them someone new with whom they can learn along any journey at hand!

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