The Pragmatic Play team is taking a positive step forward with its latest deal in Africa.

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Pragmatic Play has signed an agreement to increase their presence in Central Africa. With this new partnership, ChampionBet will be able distribute Pragmatic sports wagers throughout the region and make them available for citizens of Burundi who are looking forward towards betting on soccer or basketball matches anytime they want!

Pragmatic Play is bringing their portfolio of slot games to players in the region with a multi-vertical delivery deal, and they plan on including three different titles: Cleopatra (of course!), Gates Of Olympus as well Big Bass Bonanza.

The renowned Pragmatic Play CBDO has announced their expansion across Central Africa. They are now setting up shop in African soil with an impressive portfolio including live casino services such as blackjack and roulette, complemented by more specialised contemporary gaming titles that will be sure to keep players satisfied all day long!

Ghanaian-based sportsbook and slot game service ChampionBet has just launched in the last few weeks. The company operates several retail outlets across Africa, alongside their newly established operations here locally for customers to enjoy gambling at your fingertips!

“We’re delighted to provide Pragmatic Play games, which are known for their high quality and immersive experience. Our customers deserve the best casino across all verticals – from table games like poker or blackjack on one side of town; sports betting in another room when you want some active entertainment while watching your favorite team play live at halftime! And now with Live Casino included into our portfolio too – players can enjoy sketchy slots anytime they please.”

In April 2022, Pragmatic Play launched a new sportsbook. The platform offers markets and competitions with data from top leagues including the EPL (English Premier League), NBA & NFL – or National Football League in America; one of world’s most watched sporting events!
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