We are pleased to announce that GeoComply has been granted a conditional Ohio operating license.

Sports betting

GeoComply has been granted a conditional licence to operate in the state of Ohio – making them only the second company ever given such permission by this commission!

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water, Ohio has pulled a trick on us. It looks like they’re preparing for sports betting by licensing 10 operators and four suppliers as of next year!

With the new GeoComply condition, suppliers will now be able to offer KYC licensing services without having their own company.

“We’re thrilled to be able get our licence early in the process,” said Slader. “Compliance deadlines are coming quickly and we’ll have no problem meeting them thanks of course, because as you know by now – there’s nothing quite like getting everything done ahead!”

The Ohio Department of Commerce is encouraging entrepreneurs to apply for a licence before 2 November, otherwise they will not be able take part in the new year launch.

The NFL has been tracking the location of its fans to see where they are gambling and whether this is an illegal activity. It was found that many stadium events create natural meeting points for US residents who wantonly wager, so now league offices will be watching those areas more closely in order prevent any future problems with law enforcement or bettors getting hurt by gamblers trying too hard not get caught betting on their own team wrongfully predicting outcomes before hand – GeoComply Research.

“It’s clear to see that sports betting is becoming more popular with each passing day,” said Anna Sainsbury, CEO of GeoComply. “The research we’ve conducted on behalf of several states shows an increase in engagement from 10-15% for those who choose licensed bookmakers over unlicensed ones.”

“The increase in data provides a wealth of information that is critical for lawmakers and sports leagues to determine betting policies within their states as well onsite stadium matches.”

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