Irish betting company Paddy Power has entered the long-form content arena with a new sitcom.

Irish betting company

It’s about time that Paddy Power started breaking into the broadcasting industry! The betting company has created their own sitcom, which will be shown on both TV and streaming services. It seems like an eternity ago when we were watching Channel 4 for our fix – but now there are so many new options available with live-streaming apps such as Twitch or YouTube Live being used more frequently than traditional channels like BBC One/ cinema screenings at night (maybe).

With tongue-in cheek, this 23 minute show takes an entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes in Stockley Park. It’s where English football uses their new video assistant referee (VAR) system!

The book from Paddy Power’s own Creative Content Managers, Steven Quick and Noel Slevin. With a star-studded lineup that includes former professional footballers Teddy Sheringham ( Legends), Paul Ince(Fun Fact) , Alan Curbishley as well Mark Clattenburg who was once an England International Referee this book promises entertainment for all!

Ireland’s Virgin Media Two has announced that they will be showing the four-part series this coming week. Topics covered include fashion, food and drink trends for next season as well as what people should know before buying their holiday gifts at Christmas time!
The show makes its debut on Wednesday night 10:30pm followed by repeats each following day until it finishes up with another episode early January 2022 – just in time to get your shopping done ahead of schedule (or even sleep through). You can watch all episodes online via youtube or amazon prime later down.

It seems like Paddy Power had a lot of fun coming up with new TV shows for last season’s writers, because they’re ready to fuel an entire sitcom series. “The shambles at Stockley Park gave our brilliantly talented team enough creative ideas that we could have created,” said the company in their press release this week!

“It’s always been our secret weapon. The thing that really sets us apart from other bookmakers and gambling sites: witty content.”

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