SB22, the latest update to our platform integrates PropSwap – one of North America’s most popular and active cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The sports betting platform provider SB22 is teaming up with PropSwap to offer customers the opportunity trade their wagers. Effective immediately, bettors can head overregistered at they website and signup for an account in order take advantage of this lucrative new feature!

Founded in 2015, the PropSwap is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows bettors to buy and sell wagers. Bettors can post their own bets for others to consider as well!

The new partnership will enable PropSwap’s marketplace to be integrated into the S&P 500 exchange. This means that operators can now offer their customers this trading function and take advantage of flexibility, cost savings as well increased innovation by way of customized products for various asset classes such as stocks or options on commodities.

PropSwap will connect buyers and sellers of legal sports tickets in the US.
A person can list their ticket for sale on Prop Swap, at whatever price they determine; then someone who wants them (and possibly more) might be able to find you!

“An innovative and well-established company, PropSwap is the leader in offering a seamless peer to peer secondary marketplace experience.”

“We are thrilled to announce that we will be working with the PropSwap team. Their solution for integrating secondary market betting tickets is a breakthrough in technology and could not have come at more perfect time.”

It’s a milestone for sports betting fans. PropSwap, one of the world’s most prominent betting exchanges is now looking to expand into digital currency and virtual reality gaming with its new partnership Mind Candy Immersive Technology Incorporated.
As Ian Epstein said “This has been an exciting day because we’re able deliver services that were previously only available online or over phone call.”

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular and we’re excited about the new opportunities it offers for our customers!

“In the world of sports betting and iGaming, few companies have as much experience or knowledge to offer than Vik’s team. With a wealth of information at their disposal they can provide clients with an unrivaled service that will be sure not only get them excited about but also generate revenue from these industries.”

SB22 announced that their Fi22 sportsbook platform has been certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). The certification means the site meets high standards and will provide customers with a safe betting experience.
Bethancock, operator of one such GLI-certified website in Nevada reported an accident rate less than 0.00% when compared to other sites like Betfair who have rates between 4%-8%. These stats show just how careful bettors should be while placing wagers on sporting events across America!

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