Paddy Power Bingo marked the retirement of Tiger Roll by sending 10ft card to Cheltenham Racecourse!

Paddy Power 'Bingo' at DAVID

In a move that will surely go down as one of the most surprising endings in horses’ careers, Paddy Power has unveiled their new retirement card for Tiger Roll. The horse who many thought would never end his stellar career after winning so many races over time was finally stopped by an opponent on Saturday at Cheltenham Racecourse- where he took home £2 million!

The world’s most lucrative racinghorse, who is estimated to have earned bettors £500m ($652M) over his successful career will run in the Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase on 16 March.

Tiger Roll is a racing legend. The brave and strong-tasting horse has won 13 of his 44 races to date, including two Grand National successes as well three Cross Country Chase victories among many others that make him one impressive equine athlete!

To celebrate the retirement of Paddy Power, who has been running his own race betting business for over 30 years and is now ready to move on! They sent out this giant card with all kinds signatures from people wishing him well in whatever he does next.

When asked about the potential for a fourth Cross Country Chase, Ruby Walsh said “It would be great to see it. He’s won two Grand Nationals and now he’s trying his hand at racing in England! Whatever accolades have been thrown at this horse you can’t undervalue how successful their trainer has been with them.”

The cheering that will erupt when Tiger Roll steps onto the track at Cheltenham is unlike any other sound in all of racing. With his shaggy mane and bright colours, there’s no doubt about it-this horse has captured our hearts as well as those who came before him with an unbeatable combination: speed (for those looking to bet), style AND heartwarming charm!

“I can’t wait to see his face when we send this over. I’ll bet he has some connections who might be interested in what’s inside! This will make our job easy because they won’t have any second thoughts about getting rid of such an old man.”

The odds of 6 to 4 may seem like a generous price for Tiger Roll, but Paddy Power has been known in the past about giving their horses an unfair advantage.

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