Video King has signed a deal with Jamul Casino.

Jamul Casino

Video King has finalised its first Managed Services Agreement in California with the Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation, which owns and operates one of America’s most famous casinos -Jamul Casino.
The new partnership will ensure that Video King can provide top-quality video production services for all types if projects going forward into 2024!

Video King is proud to announce that they have reached an agreement with several casinos on tribal lands. Now you can find their products in hotels, restaurants and more!

He added: “We are thrilled to partner with Jamul Casino and launch our Class II Certified Bingo Game-Bing TreasuresTM”. This new product offers all the traditional elements of bingo that players love, such as being able pick your own numbers or play for a common game ending pattern on 5×5 card; there’s also an opportunity at winning every time you put down some cash!

Indian gaming is about to get even more exciting! Bingo Treasures has announced that it will be adding weekly jackpots of up $1 million or higher. This could mean life-changing winnings for players who are currently spending their money on lottery type products, which have been known as “lotteries” in many parts of India since they first started playing them decades ago (and not just because there’s an easier draw).
Missions accomplished: The addition multiweekend prizes provides greatly increased opportunities through bingo games – one such opportunity being Class II.

“We’re thrilled to be the first California Tribal Casino partner with Video King for Bingo Treasures,” said Mary Cheeks, President and General Manager of Jamul Casino. The game will launch this month at their venue in San Diego County where it is already available on site or through remote play-throughs via tablet from anywhere within your home! “We also plan exciting live events like weekly ball draws that are free across all people.”

Bingo Treasures is an innovative new gaming product that has been offered in collaboration between Video King and Parlay Games. Both companies are currently negotiating with other US-based Indian tribes to add the game onto their facility offerings, which will make it available for play across many different locations nationwide!

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