The ASA regards Paddy Power’s ad as misleading.

Paddy Power's

The ASA has deemed Paddy Power’s ad “misleading.” The advertising body found that the betting site had not made it clear enough how much money could be won and also ignored their own advice by using an unrealistic return rate of less than 1%.

Paddy Power was in hot water with the Advertising Standards Authority after they received a backlash for one their ads.

The terms and conditions for this bookie are so tough that they can’t be understood when spoken too quickly or at an volume below what people would typically hear on their way home from work!

The ad featured a conversation about football at Christmas, with the voiceover stating “pre match online bet builder bets only. Min odds one-to five per leg; four plus legs are required for an accumulator.” It also says that you can get up to £10 ($13) in free money every day if your total reaches this amount before any fees or taxes have been applied!

Paddy Power said that they believed the ad contained all relevant conditions and did not contradict any claims made.

However, the ASA disagreed and gave Paddy Power a pass on this one.

The ASA has come to the conclusion that “Get money back as a free bet if one leg of your Bet Builder lets you down.” was spoken at an accelerated speed with lower volume than earlier in order not only understand what is being said but also enthusiastic about their offer.

That’s a wrap! The advertising agency has made their decision and found that this advertisement was not appropriate. They determined it to be misleading because of how unclear or Hillmann-sounding its content was, so they ruled against us–but don’t worry folks; we’ll get another chance next time around:)

The Adorable Paddy Power ad that was banned for being too cute has been allowed to run again, but with some changes. The company was ordered not just once but twice by the Advertising undertook: Once in their current form and then again if they wanted people’s opinions on whether or not an idea should go through with production!

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