The struggle for sports betting initiatives in California is not an easy one.


It looks like California sports fans will have to wait a while longer before they can wager. Recent polling indicates that two ballot measures seeking legalisation of betting are destined for failure, which means it’s illegal right now in the Golden State!

The people have spoken! Voters in favour of Prop 27, a measure to legalise commercial online betting, were out voted by those against nearly two-to one. The UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies (IGS) monitored this poll’s results.

The poll is not surprising given how divided the country still remains on this issue. However, it will be interesting to see if any changes occur in future voting patterns after IGS releases new numbers next week.

The IGS analysis found that Prop 26 failed to gain much momentum, with just 27 percent of California’s population supports it.

It is no surprise that most people do not want to vote for Proposition 26. The majority, or 51%, indicates they will be voting against it while only 31% plan on supporting this measure!

The opposition is strong with this one, but in the end it appears that sports betting initiatives are still alive and well.

“It’s difficult to predict how this bill will be received by key demographics, but it is worth noting that passage seems unlikely in any case.”

Virtually all voters oppose Prop 27, said IGS. This includes Democrats and Republicans alike; Conservatives who think cigarettes should be taxed like alcohol even though there’s no evidence it works while Liberals don’t want their taxes raised at all because they cost too much money. It also covers men (who usually favor tax hikes) versus women where you’ll find an almost equal number opposed to high-stakes smoking regulations.

The Polling Report is the first in a series of reports on young people’s opinions about California politics. The topic has been rising steadily as more and more millennials become eligible to vote, but they still represent just one-third (34%) of all registered voters today! However with Prop 27 being supported by only those under 30 currently at 44%, while opponents have an equal amount who disagree 32%-35 % there could be trouble ahead for this bill if things don’t change quickly.

The gender gap in Prop 26 voting is emerging, IGS reports. Men are divided on the measure while women oppose it by two to one
What does this mean for marketers? It’s clear that if you want your message heard among all demographics then outreach must include both genders or risk being ignored!

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