The Seminole Tribe of Florida is giving Governor Rick Scott a major boost in his bid for re-election.

Rick Scott

The Seminole Tribe of Florida has thrown their weight behind Governor Ron DeSantis in his bid for re-election, donating $1m this month to help get him elected.

The federal judge’s ruling was short-lived, though. The company quickly reached an agreement with DeSantis to continue accepting wagers online and now has exclusive rights for that service in Florida!

Even though several tribes have pulled their support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he still has the backing of one particular Indian group.

The Seminole Tribe is definitely pulling out all the stops to ensure that their candidate wins this election. They have already given him $1m, but they’re not done yet! The latest contribution makes it clear how much power these people hold in Florida politics – and just what kind of governor we could be heading towards if elected leader next November.

The Seminole Tribe’s donation to Friends of Ron DeSantis is not only the largest contribution made since 26 July, it also constitutes a significant portion from their single largest gift given to this committee. This former Governor has received donations from many other organisations as well including one million dollars coming directly through The RGA which files under “Republican Governors Association.”

Just days after contributing $3.5 million to the Republican Party of Florida, FODS Ethernet Schoolhouse has donated another 1m!
Maintaining their tradition of generosity towards politics and policy -makers alike – this time with a massive contribution on 10 August which put them over 6 figures for donations since 2014 (when records were first kept). Other recipients include Flexpoint Media who received £1m from one man’s retired school teachers fund…

The Florida gubernatorial election will take place on Tuesday 8 November and see the fight for a second term in office. The candidates are State Attorney Michael DeSantoiz (Rep), followed by Andrew Gillum who happens to be both mayor of Tallahassee as well campaigns promising more progressive policies than before if elected; not surprising considering he was one such candidate pushing hard towards getting free college tuition implemented within state universities – something only now being considered after pressure from students themselves following numerous demonstrations against inaction over perceived lackadaisical attitudes toward education reform.

Last year, the Seminole Tribe briefly offered online sports betting. However after an appeals court upheld a ruling against them in December of 2017 , they were forced to stop accepting wagers and shut down their website entirely.

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