PlayUp is a brilliant alternative to traditional marketing methods.

PlayUp's new betting platform

PlayUp, the company that brings you heartwarming stories and meaningful moments to your phone has launched a review. The report includes details about their strategic alternatives including possible sales of PlayUp or other companies in their portfolio!

The board of directors for PlayUp has triggered a variety of responses. They are considering strategic partnerships, an outright sale or other possible transactions to take place in order “to maximize value” with their company while also ensuring that it stays true “to its original vision.”

Innovation Capital, a well-established investment bank with an eye for creativity and innovation in both their business model as well as client services has been retained by PlayUp to provide assistance during this review process.

PlayUp has announced that it will be launching its betting, entertainment and sports technology (BEST) platform in the US. The company is targeting a Q3 2018 release for this product which should bring improvements on existing products as well increase their adoption rates among American based operators – specifically ones who have been hesitant due to legal Demonsntrations or questions regarding customer protection.

The company is close to receiving certification from one of the most prestigious gaming testing agencies in America, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). This will allow them access into many more markets with their new product line!

With a presence in over 25 states and New Jersey, PlayUp has been quite successful so far. In addition to that they also released Renhagen last May which is an app where you can play poker against other people who have it on their phones too!

But according to PlayUp, the integration of BEST’s betting products across America and Australia will allow customers a single wallet with which they can access all their accounts.

PlayUp’s new betting platform, which it says will be Australia’s “first-ever integrated product experience for online sports and gaming,” combines all of your favorite games into one easy to use interface.
“BEST is designed so you can bet on anything from soccer matches at home or while away as part unning an esports tourney without having too many decisions weighing down over other tasks like work prep!” PlayUp CEO Andrew Vesey added in his statement when announcing this newest development.”

“A single account, wallet and app for betting in the US or Australia? That’s all you need with this platform! All of PlayUp’s intellectual property is self-developed.

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