Manchester City and Sportium have signed a partnership agreement to create the world’s first ever digital stadium.


The club is delighted to announce that it has agreement with Sportium, an industry leader in Latin America. The partnership will now provide City fans across the globe access their favorite sports and fixtures through this new betting firm!

Dina Ahmad, VP of Global Sales at City Football Group announced that their new regional partner is Sportium. She said “We are pleased to welcome Sportium today as Manchester City’s newest affiliate in North America.”

“We’re excited about this partnership not only because it allows us to build on our growth and reach new audiences in Latin America but also bring them closer together through unique content. Sportium has proven themselves as an innovative media company, we can’t wait!”

Sportium has always been on the cutting edge of sport, and now they’re taking it to new heights with this Manchester City partnership. The company’s CEO Alberto Eljarrat had nothing but praise for his team at work in making such an incredible agreement possible: “Our brand is about reaching outwards into every corner” he said proudly before adding that there can be no better way than partnering up for international expansion!

“We want to bring the values of effort, integrity and teamwork that we share with this club across Latin regions. Through a unique offer for omnichannel entertainment we can provide our customers an experience they won’t forget.”

Sportium has agreed a historic partnership with one of England’s most famous clubs, which will see their logo appear on all media channels and in-stadium for the next three years. This is not just any old sponsorship deal though; it signals an unprecedented level friendship between two entities that have been enemies since before either was born!

It is important to have a good partnership with an organization that has the rights for our club’s archival footage. The new deal will allow them access and also ensure high quality production of all games in which they are interested, including English Premier League matches!

“I’m delighted to announce this licensing agreement with one of the most prestigious football clubs in England’s Premier League,” said Highlight Co-CEO Steven Holmes.

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