The renovations at Oscar’s Steakhouse, Plaza Hotel and Casino have been completed.

Oscar’s Steakhouse

The Plaza Hotel and Casino has just finished renovations on Oskar’s Steakhouse! The new, more upscale menu is set to debut this week with an event planned for Friday night where executives from around town will be joined by some special guests.
The famous steak house in Las Vegas was given a face lift earlier this year when they began work converting part of its dining room into something truly spectacular – now it’s ready at long last: expect fine wines paired perfectly alongside gourmet delicacies like caviar dips or bone-in ribeyes cooked exactly how you want them.

The decor at this Vegas steakhouse includes a new colour palette, with deep merlot as well. It matches the dining room’s leather chairs and corresponding booths perfectly to create an elegant vintage atmosphere that is perfect for indulging your appetite!

Whether you’re looking for slots, table games or bingo – The Plaza has it all! With so many dining options and bars to choose from as well plus pools galore this hotel really does have something suitable in every way. You’ll never be short-changing your bankroll when visiting here thanks also they offer some events that are worth checking out like National Finals Bingo which happens annually just next door atca handful more things including tons o’ slot machines await those who come see us soon enough.

The Sand Dollar Downtown venue is a bar that offers free nightly entertainment ranging from local bands to national headliners. If you’re looking for some live music in your town, be sure stop by this spot on any given night!

Additionally, Plaza Hotel and Casino is working on a project that will offer customers four new experiences: the Carousel Bar which features DJs every night; Oscar’s Patio where you can enjoy drinks while playing games like bingo or poker ; an area exclusively for women called “Social monopolist” with exclusive events such as yoga classes at noon., Fashion shows during fashion week.; Finally there’s Pinkbox Doughnuts – obsessed yet?

The Carousel Bar is adrinkers dreams come true! The outdoor venue will offer cocktails with an inflatable tent covering it, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks among life-sized Vegas styled elements including caroussels horses that spin on their own. Plus there are spinning martini glasses and oversized deck cards for any game night enthusiasts out here looking to play some Blackjack or Poker while they sip away at their fancy crafted cocktail (or beer).

The new rooftop deck will be home to an exclusive bar and grill called Oscar’s Patio. It’s expected that the space can accommodate up 225 people at one time, making it perfect for intimate gatherings or large galas!

If you’re looking for someplace to gamblers, look no further than this new 2,500 square-foot smoke free gaming area with Brian Christopher slots!

Pinkbox Doughnuts is giving their new location an exclusive menu of alcoholic doughnut shakes. The first order of business will be providing sweets like pink boxes and other sweet treats, but they also plan on serving up some fun surprises for all attendees!

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