The future of sports is now here. Stats performing with an all-new partnership that will have you feeling like a pro in no time!

Veritone Voice

It’s not surprising that Stats Performs has inked a deal with Veritone. The company is always looking for new ways to provide the best customer service and increase revenue, after all!

In the not too distant future, companies will be able to communicate with AI synthetic voices that are so realistic they might as well be human. The technology is already being used in industries like healthcare and finance where high-precision information needs accurate communication of complex processes.

Veritone Voice offers a number of different voices for users to choose from, including English and Spanish. It can also provide support in other languages like French or Japanese as well!

What better way to provide viewers with the most up-to date information than by combining Opta data and Stats Perfrom? This technology should enhance our coverage, giving you all that much more insight into what is happening out there!

There are many ways that technology can enhance the fan experience. For example, it is being used to generate voice commentary for automated match previews or allow visually impaired people better access certain content on their smartphones and tablets.
The future of sports broadcasting will most likely be accessed by those who have trouble seeing due in part because they may lose one eye before too long which leads me back into my original point: technological advancements like these open up new possibilities when experiencing live sporting events from around th world through various media platforms such as TV coverage aired rights online streaming services etc.

The launch of this new feature is sure to increase user engagement and provide a more personal experience for those who listen. Steve Xeller, Chief Revenue Officer at Stats Perform said it best when he said “Our users will now have the ability.” With customizable voices in partnership with beloved broadcasters like John Barban – you’re able do engage globally while also being locally targeted!

For those who don’t read or speak the host-distributed language, as well as those with visual impairments or disabilities it is even more essential that they know how to access information.

Sportscasters are using synthetic voice technology for the first time ever! This will bring sports coverage into a new era and allow viewers to get more engaged with their favorite teams.

In a world where traditional methods of advertising are being phased out by this new phenomenon called ‘attention economy,’ it’s no wonder that both companies believe in its potential. Xeller calls what we’re witnessing now “the natural next step for industry,” while Ryan Steelberg from Veritone went one step further saying: “I’m excited about how quickly things have changed.”

“Veritone has been on the cutting edge of sports tech and artificial intelligence for years,” said Nottage. “This partnership is truly a tipping point in those industries.”

The synthetic voice will be used for reporting on sports in a way that has never been done before. It takes storytelling up to the next level and dramatically transforms fan engagement with your content – especially during games!

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