The Parimatch Foundation has given Ukraine a massive boost of support, passing €500.000 to help the country’s children!


The Parimatch Tech Foundation has provided more than €500,000 worth of support to help those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

The Parimatch Foundation, with the support of UK and other charitable organizations have spent €510,000 on aiding this crisis. Of which they’ve used an amount that directly equates to around $690 thousand in order help those affected right here at home.

The Foundation’s intervention in the war-torn country has been significant. It provided emergency medical care, clothing and food for thousands of people while also helping to evacuate victims from Ukraine or provide shelter where they are safe until things calm down again
The $135k donation will be used towards creating Parimatch hubs that support those who have been displaced because of conflict; this includes €80K spent on hospital ventilators (which supply oxygen) as well as cash grants given out by international organizations like UNICEF which amount up tp over 6 figures annually – all within just one year!

When a disaster strikes, it can be hard to know what steps are best. But one thing is for certain: the Ukraine Hospitals Appeal needs your help! The charity has launched an initiative called “Hospitals in Heaven” which will raise €1m proceeds from selling branded hospital beds – like these beautiful ones I saw online last month-to purchase vital medical equipment and reduce waiting times at trauma centers throughout desperately poor regions of Eastern Europe.

The Chairwoman of Parimatch, Katerina Biloruska said: “I am thankful to our British friends who heard our call for help and joined forces with us. We launched this fundraiser.” united by medical experts around world in saving Ukrainian children’s lives while also appealing across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter among other things which have been effective at gathering donations from compassionate people everywhere!

Over the past two months, Foundation has partnered with organizations from all over Europe to provide aid and support for Ukraine’s children. With helpdesk support in Cyprus we have distributed toysto more than 100 kids since late December alone! Alongside our partners Peace Playersand AELwe’ve helped countless others escape war-torn regions by providing them jobs at local businesses or giving scholarships so that they may attend school safely across Eastern Europe.”

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