GGPoker is proud to have such an iconic team as ambassadors for their brand!


GGPoker is proud to introduce two new members of the GGC TEAM! The first, Mr. Craig “The Professor” Turner has been an ambassador since 2017 and will work with us on creating content for our fans around the world. He’s also got some great experience as a poker player – he was twice ranked among America’s best Tactical Billionaire players before retiring from competition at age 39 following his second divorce…
In addition we have cocktail extraordinaire Ivan Glazzman who joins us after years spent working behind bars where he learned how important it is not just making drinks but offering something extra special when people come together over gambling.

The voice of GGPoker is coming from all directions as it embarks on a new journey with its partners. Professional poker player Jeff Gross and television personality Ali Nejad will represent the brand both in-person, online – wherever you are!
It’s time for some good old fashioned gambling talk because we have an exciting week ahead filled up by yummy prizes just waiting to be won at our games here come!

Gross is a pro poker player who also produces and streams his own content. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but now lives on the West Coast with his family after playing professional cards for many years across America including at places like Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where he emerged victorious from an online tournament final table last year!
Hammad Nejad-Zadeh meanwhile has been commentating various TV shows about this exciting game we all love.

“I’m excited to be a part of the GGC family. It’s an amazing time for poker and they are leading everyone forward with their innovative ideas, like hosting weekly $10K tournaments that will air on TV! I can’t wait until next week when we have our final tables broadcasted from this Tuesday-Wednesday,” said Gross.”

GGPoker is proud to announce their latest ambassadors, who will be focused on content creation and engaging new players. Gross & Nejad join an already impressive line-up that includes Daniel Negreanu ( PokerStars), Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier as well as Jason Koon and Fedor Holz!

The world famous GGTeam welcomed two new members to their team, Gross and Nejad. Negreanu made this announcement with: “We are always looking for ways in which we can grow our business even more! Come play at GGPoker where there’s $2 million waiting just for first place.”

“We’re thrilled to have the talented duo of Phil Ivey and Dr. Bill Robert on board with us at GG Team! They’ll be working hard developing new games that will entertain our existing customers while reaching out even more players.”

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