Leadstar Media has been granted a licence from the West Virginia Gaming Control Board to promote iGaming operators in that state!


Affiliate Leadstar Media is excited to announce that they have been granted a licence by the West Virginia Gaming Commission! This means their services will now extend further into America’s heartland, allowing them even more opportunities for success.
With this latest development Affilinet affiliate leader stare media can offer players across several states access top quality casino games without having any problems with compatibility or availability issues like many other companies might experience when trying similar schemes expansion northward upstate New York where it already has license but not yet east coast.

The Swedish company already has licenses in 14 other US jurisdictions, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania alongside their neighbour to the south – Virginia.

Leadstar’s recent approval means that they can now provide players with legal online casinos, casino offers and information.

Leadstar is looking to launch an exciting new betting promotion that will be exclusively available on their US-facing websites. The offer includes up $300 in bonus funds, so make sure you signup now before it’s too late!

The company had been operating its sports betting supplier products legally under different domain names, such as Sportsbooksonline.com and BingoJokes. But it is now illegal because of the new legislation passed by Congress that prohibits online gambling sites from selling US based customers Click 2 Chat Baccarat Blackjack Roulette Jacks or any other game accessible to them within their country’s borders.
The reason why this happened? In 2006 Peru joined countries like Spain who already prohibit licensed companies/orgs etc., but what no one knew back then (including us) was just how far reaching these rules would ultimately become!

Leadstar’s iGaming licence now permits it to promote all forms of legal online gambling in West Virginia. This means that LeadStar can finally offer its customers a full range games, including slots and table games like blackjack or roulette as well!

“We’ve grown fast and we’re proud of that,” said Eskil Kvarnström, Leadstar Media’s CEO. He continued: “The USA was one goal among many but it has become clear over time how much potential there really is for our company here.”

The iGaming affiliate has continued their journey to become one of the best in every US regulated state by obtaining a full West Virginia license.

Kvarnström says that despite operating in several markets elsewhere, Leadstar is most excited about US growth.

“We’re not just a company that operates across different markets, but we have an exciting opportunity with US iGaming.”

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