The next generation of betting tools has arrived! Introducing Opta Bet Builder Plus, a revolutionary new way to build your perfect bet.

Next generation of betting tools

StatsPerform and Sporting Solutions have launched a new product to help bettors get the most out of their player props.
This cutting edge software, called Opta Betbuilder Plus combines advanced analytics with live scoring data so that you can hesitantly place confident bets on any sport or game anywhere in the world!

The new betting product from Opta will give sportsbooks the opportunity to offer their customers a variety of wagers on different competitions, including but not limited too World Cup 2022 and many other major events.

The new product is powered by Opta, so it has all of the juicy bits on how players are doing in real time.

The future of bettors’ dream experiences just got a lot more interesting with the release of Opta BetBuilder Plus. This innovative product combines elite modeling and trading expertise, uniquely deep player data for an unrivaled experience that will set benchmarks across all other platforms in its category – and it’s backed by world-renowned sports information company Opta!

The CEO of Sporting Solutions, Andy Wright also chimed in on the topic saying: “Since announcing our Betting Innovation Centre operators have been asking us for player proposition prices like shots to be available at scale across all products.” He continued by mentioning same game deals as well pre-game and In Play options so football betting is more entertaining.

“We want our players to have genuine confidence in the pricing we’re putting out. That means keeping more markets open longer, for games that are popular but don’t always get attention from other brands.”

LaLiga has extended their partnership with Stats Performance until 2028, showing that they are committed to the success of this new venture.

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