The 888casino team has been hard at work adding new content to their site, and it’s paying off!

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The Internet is a vast, ever-changing place. And as technology advances so too do our expectations from it – we can now have everything at our fingertips in seconds or less! Which means that if you want something done quickly without having to deal with any pesky humans then 888casino has got just what’s going on there…

The deal will see NetGaming delivering content to 888casino, expanding its existing product roster and making more variety in games available for customers.

The games are designed to be intuitive and fun for modern day players. There’s 3 Wild Jokers, a game where you try not get captured by the other cards in your hand; Skulls Gone Wild which allows players take on their enemies using bones as weapons – errr I mean courage-, Mansa Musa’s Golden Journey gives visitors an opportunity of playing real money at online slots with bonuses like free spins or bonus rounds!

“We are proud to be partnering with one of the most successful companies in this industry,” said Pallavi Deshmukh. The CEO continued by saying that their recent successes were made possible because 3 Wild Jokers launched on 888casino and they also have a new game coming out called Aped which features an NFT-themed slot machine; both items will exclusively sell at FTSE 250 company stores.”

888casino is excited to announce their new partnership with NetGaming. The company said that they will be releasing more games in the future, which should help 888’s portfolio even further! This deal covers all of UK and many international markets thanks again MGA license from Malta Government Authority for Gaming Control authority there- so players can enjoy an excellent gaming experience no matter where you live or play online slots.

“It is our mission to lead the industry with innovative content,” said Talya Benyamini, Vice President of B2C Casino at 888casino. “We take pride in being an early adopter and champion for new technology.”

“We’re really excited to work with the team and bring these incredible games into some of our main markets.”

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