The CEO of Live Play Mobile believes that bingo is the fastest-growing vertical within social casino.

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The lucky ones who hit the biggest jackpot in bingo!

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster for the world, but it’s turned out to be an opportunity. The number of people interested in online gambling after this event went way up and one particular area saw unprecedented growth – bingo sites!

It’s true that Bingo has fallen out of fashion in recent decades but this is not because people don’t enjoy playing the game anymore. It simply follows trends like all other games do – when one popular thing goes away another takes its place!

Even though Bingo is a traditional game that has been around for centuries, the recent resurgence in popularity shows how it’s not just surviving but thriving.

From April 2019 to May 2021, both online and traditional brick-andmortar bingo establishments brought in a gross gambling yield (GGY) of £910 million ($1.2B).

With the recent trends, it is clear that live bingo might be on its way out while online versions of this game will continue to grow.

The recent pandemic has clearly had an effect on online bingo, but there’s more to it than just that.

Online Bingo has become the most popular form of gambling in this day and age. This is due largely because it offers several key advantages over its traditional counterpart, particularly for those who prefer to gamble at home instead on location or against other people – something which can be difficult if you don’t want any pesky friends seeing your game cards!

Why are women so attracted to online casinos? The answer is simple: they offer the same experience as land-based gaming but with more flexibility and less chance of getting caught.

Generation Rent are hooked on Facebook and the free games that come with it. They’ve also started playing Bingo, something their parents never did!

Live Play Mobile is making history with their first-ever 24 hour live hosted bingo app! What does this mean? It means that you can play games for free and win cash prizes without having to download any apps or sign up.
The company launched the innovative service on Friday 10 September which will allow players across all demographics access during every waking moment of the day as they are watching TV shows/movies at home (or) while traveling around town!

We chatted with Live Play Mobile CEO, Stuart Lewis-Smith to find out more about the state of online bingo and how consumers have responded. He shared that they’re seeing strong demand for their service which is great news!

The gaming industry is booming and online bingo has been one of its fastest-growing branches. This past year alone, it grew by 28% which makes sense because when you’re looking for some lighthearted fun with friends or family members without any real money involved – what could be better?

The timing could not be better for Live Play Mobile as we launch our newest product, which is a game changer in the social bingo space. The already saturated market has seen several apps emerge with similar features and ample time to establish themselves; this gives us an opportunity that others don’t share because of how different it can get from one another within such small segments of gameplay like card games or table searches (which are available through all platforms).

We’re not just changing the way people play bingo – we are creating an entirely new form of interactive entertainment. Our platform, powered by our proprietary technology and featuring studio-quality production values will soon expand beyond your average slot machine or lottery game into something you can experience at home on any device in real time with friends!

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