The launch of the Poker Integrity Council is an effort by GGPoker to stamp out cheating in their game.


To the surprise of many, including myself! This year’s IPO was met with great success. The average cost per share came in at just under $3 and as we predicted will leave plenty left over for our next authorisation date on November 30th 2022 when it expires – currently there are only 4 months worth which amounts to approximately 1 million dollars more than what has already been raised this time around so far

Cash on hand and cash from operations will be used to purchase any additional shares under the current authorisation, with any repurchased shares to be returned to the treasury for cancellation. Share prices will adhere to prevailing market prices at the time of acquisition, subject to certain limitations.

The manner, timing and number of shares repurchased under authorisation will be determined by management with consideration given to common share market price as well as economic conditions. In addition there may also exist alternative investment opportunities that must be considered in determining how much stock is needed for these transactions.

The company is free to make decisions on when they want GAN suspended or terminated.

The company has a lot of power when it comes to deciding whether or not GAN will be suspended.

GAN announced that they had launched their sports betting and casino technology services in Ontario, offering partner operators such as FanDuel an opportunity to offer players accounts on the GameStack platform. They also went live with B2C Coolbet website after receiving a license from AGCO who allowed them access into this market segment last month!

Casino Review The Boyd Gaming Corporation reports an impressive 14% revenue increase for Q1 2022.

For the first quarter of 2022, Boyd Gaming Corporation reported revenue worth $860.7m! This is a 14% increase from last year’s numbers and reflects great success in our business strategy which aims to provide guests with memorable experiences

Casino Review Allwyn has signed a landmark contract with the US lottery’s tender process, making them one of only three companies in America to offer their services.

Allwyn’s progress has been celebrated by CRHC after Camelot dropped its case over the handover contract for Fourth National Lottery Licence in UK. The UK’s National Lottery is coming to an end, but not before Allwyn made sure that their

Casino Review The city of Las Vegas is getting a new $550 million resort, with construction already underway!

When the dust settled after a groundbreaking ceremony for Dream Las Vegas, it became clear that this new gambling mecca will be an unparalleled experience. Contour and Shopoff Realty Investments are developing a $550m project that will bring more than