The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ordered Gammix, a company in its borders to cease an unlicensed offer or pay €1.47 million per week!

€1.47 million per week

The fines are staggering! Gammix could be forced to pay €1.47m ($1 494 000) per week if they continue providing unlicensed iGaming in The Netherlands, but this doesn’t seem like an huge concern for them as it turns out that their revenue has increased by more than 300% over last year alone so I guess we’ll see what happens next then?

The Netherlands’ Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has issued a cease and desist order to Gammix ordering them not only stop Dutch consumers from accessing their websites but also threaten large fines if they continue.

When the investigation was conducted in March, it seemed like there were two Gammix websites available for Dutch players – and!

The pair of websites that had been operating without a licence from the Dutch government were not put out yet. For now, consumers could create an account and deposit money onto “games-of chance” offered on both sites – despite them being unlicensed enterprise operators!

The Dutch government ordered a second investigation in May after it was discovered that technical measures were not taken to prevent players from entering the country and downloading illegal films. It turns out these websites are partly aimed at Dutch users!

The Gambling Act is a law in The Netherlands that regulates and restrict gambling. Alongside rantcasino, nordslotcom four other websites were found to have continuously violated this particular act by providing unlicensed gaming services for Dutch customers like yourself!

The KSA says that unlicensed gaming means there is no supervision possible and this causes problems with the fairness of games as well. They also fail to pay enough attention for addiction prevention which can lead people into gambling too much.

The Gaming Authority has issued a cease-and-desist order to Gammix, who are now required by law not only for their own protection but also that of consumers everywhere.

The company has 14 days to comply with these new rules or they will have pay €1.47 million per week, up until a maximum penalty almost $4 million! They can also appeal this decision so keep your eyes peeled for an update on their Facebook page – we’ll be sure not miss any important announcements from you guys in the meantime 🙂

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