The Gambling Commission has published new guidance ahead of the changes that are set to come into effect next month.


Operators should take note of new gambling customer protection guidance announced by the Gambling Commission. The rules will be in effect from September 12th and operators need to ensure their staff are compliant with these regulations or risk being penalized through hefty fines!

The Gambling Commission is set to introduce a host of new requirements with the aim being greater transparency. Ahead this week, they have issued updated guidance intended for compliance ahead it’s release next year!

The gambling commission has just released its latest update on how iGaming operators are required to interact with customers. This 27-page document offers further information about what you need in Gambling endeavor, like identifying vulnerable clientele or knowing when an automated system would be more beneficial for them than relying solely upon humans at their desks!

The new instructions will take effect from September 12th. All previous guidelines are now obsolete and must be obeyed to ensure safety during this time period when we’re unsure about what is safe!

The Gambling Commission has given the industry a little more time before these new regulations take effect. They are hopeful that full compliance will be achieved by September, and they’ll keep us updated on their progress!

“What kind of role does your company play in preventing gambling harm?” This is an important question that we ask every business. The government’s new guidance makes it clear what companies need to do, and if they don’t follow these standards then there will be enforcement action against them!

“The rise in the cost-of living is putting more pressure on our customers, and we have to make sure they’re healthy.”

While the consultation is focused on three main risks, there’s no mention of how to tackle “binge gambling” or those who are financially vulnerable.

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