We are proud to announce our new partnership with 888ladies and Red Rake!

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888ladies has just partnered up with Red Rake Gaming to provide their most popular products. Ladies, are you looking for an edge in the gaming world? Well now is your chance!

The gaming platform, Red Rake is launching a new initiative to cater specifically towards women gamers with their biggest titles.

The official website for 888’s gaming department added a new section in 2008 to target the female market, which they felt had been overlooked by other platforms. They were responding specifically to online bingo being popular among this group and wanted an environment where women could feel comfortable playing games like poker or roulette without fear of abuse from male gamers who might regard them.

With this deal, the platform will see its offering expanded to encompass some of Red Rake’s most popular content. It’s time for you be a part in it!

With such an incredible selection of games to choose from, it’s easy for players not only get their daily fix but also explore new favorites. The newest releases include Fruits’n Jars and Nefertiti’s Riches while there is also 6-reel slot called Mystic Lady available on this platform!

The partnership between RedRake Gaming and 888ladies will allow gamers to enjoy a seamless experience, with both companies going all out in their quest for customer satisfaction.
Barr from Maltese outfit remarks: “We’re thrilled about partnering up!” He continues that this deal proves how committed he thinksboth sides are towards delivering top-quality service–which coincidence ties right back into whatyou could callour philosophy!

The 888ladies team is excited to work with the company and provide players an enhanced gaming experience. The new partnership will allow for more diverse content, such as glitch modes that have been requested by many gamers in recent times; we’re confident they’ll love what we have planned!

“The acquisition of this significant business is an important milestone for us, and we look forward to working with 888 over the coming months as they take on new challenges in Europe.”

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