The Belgian trade body has issued a statement criticising the proposed ban on cumulation agreements.

The Belgian trade body has issued a statement criticising the proposed ban on cumulation agreements

BAGO, the Belgian Association of Gaming Operators has raised concerns about government plans to force players hold separate accounts for different verticals. They say it poses an “utterly serious threat” towards consumer protection and could lead gamers into debt due to costly fees from splitting bets between sites they may want access too like horse racing or sports betting which would add even more stress on top already struggling industry.

The future of iGaming looks to be a complicated one, with new legislation set out by the government. This would require customers register multiple accounts for different forms like online casino and sports betting in order to remain compliant!

With the recent amendments to Belgium’s Gambling Act, it is now legal for bettors in that country.

The new proposal looks to ban single-account usage of services like those offered by NFTs, but not the original amendments’ permit for player’s who wish to use more than one account.

The move has been met with a heated response from the BAGO association, who argue that it will not only impeded operators ability to safeguard consumers but also their business model as well.

The Facebook post listed four vital reasons why BAGO disagreed with the player. First, he lost track of his expenses and didn’t know how much was being spent on what for which project or event; second- Thirdly -the information available is often confusing as it’s split up between various accounts etc., making things difficult when trying to pie together exactly where our money goes ; fourth-, there are also less opportunities than ever before due in large part because so many people rely heavily upon digital technology rather then face problem.

With the loss of data, operators are worse at understanding player behaviour and warning them when it might be an issue.

The lack of access to data prevents the development of new perspectives and future policies
It is difficult for those in favour or against problem gambling behaviour, as they do not have enough information available on which base their arguments.

The gaming industry has been struggling with the problem of illegal operations for years now. In many cases, these unlicensed venues will take customers’ money but not provide protection or any other services that are regulated by law; they just hope you come back another time when it’s more convenient for them!

The BAGO organisation has put forward a persuasive argument for maintaining unified player accounts by operators. They say that it will offer greater protection and better services to players in need of support from their favourite gaming platforms!

The government is looking at updating the rules for online gambling in Belgium. They plan on strict measures that would include advertising and sponsorship, which could lead to an increase of revenue if done correctly!

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