Ronin Sport, a leading provider of sports betting technology and services is pleased to announce that they have raised $10 million in funding from SCCG Venture Fund.

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Stephen Crystal, the founder and CEO of SCCG Management has revealed that they invested in as well!
The venture fund made an extremely successful investment by picking up shares worth millions more than what was paid for them just two years ago- all without taking any impairment charges or haircut to their portfolio value along with receiving payments on interest rates higher than those offered anywhere else which means this company must be doing really good financially if other investors are willing too take risks like these because there’s definitely not much landfill space left when you think about how quickly population growth will require new homes.

Ronin, a sports data provider with offices in Boston and New York City has announced they will be partnering up SCCG ( socio-cultural club ) , an organization that focuses on growing the North American footprint of their business. The two entities have sealed this strategic partnership to help each other grow by expanding into different markets where Ronins’ expertise can assist them as well!

Now, they have taken this partnership one step further. The SCCG Venture Fund will be targeting gaming opportunities for seed and series A funding with the help of Stephen Crystal as manager; David Hanlon on board to provide business development guidance along side Pierre Cadena & Dave Antony who both manage impressive track records in their own right.

If you are looking for a way to invest in the future of your company, then look no further than The Venture Fund. They specialise in companies involved with sports wagering and esports gaming as well!

Ronin has now found success in the form of a prestigious investment from one our favorite venture funds, and will also benefit handsomely thanks to SCCG’s help. The consultancy offers strategic partnerships with insights on business development as well advisory services for those who need it most!

Ronin Venture is partnering up with SCCG to bring their products over here! This will be a great opportunity for both parties involved and we can’t wait.

“North American sports brands need help growing their businesses and SCCG will provide insights, business development services to get them on the right track. We have a proven record of success in this industry.”

Ronin is a new sports streaming service that started in January 2020. It offers live TV and remote data for various different types of games from all over the world, spanning several countries!

The venture fund has also invested in two other companies this year, both of which were March transactions. Play Caller Sports is a planned fan engagement platform that will offer fantasy and traditional sports betting services through its website or app for mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids respectively.

The best way to enjoy sports is by playing them. But if you don’t have time for a full game, Bounty Sports has your back with their casual daily fantasy platform that lets fans compete against one another in cash prizes!

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