The Swedish regulator is urging all municipalities to review their information about the lottery in order for them be able figure out how it can improve itself.


The Swedish government has reminded local governments about the information they provide to those who purchase lotteries.

The “mapping” of available information on municipality websites regarding lotteries is an interesting way for residents and visitors to learn more about their local government. Many towns were found with deficiencies in this area, but it’s clear that some are better than others when looking at what they provide you as a citizen!

Over the summer, Spelinspektionen mapped lottery information on municipalities’ websites and found many to be lacking in their portrayal.

The Swedish government has told all 290 municipalities in Sweden to conduct a review and ensure compliance with new standards.

The municipality was informed that they must ensure their information is up-to date and in compliance with current laws.

Many people enjoy playing the lottery in Sweden. But there is a lot of regulation, and one important requirement for municipalities to offer this game is that they have certain information made “readily available” so players can make informed decisions about their purchases.
You may be wondering why should I care about some Swedish law when visiting this site or any other online gambling hub but it’s crucial because if you don’t understand what we’re doing then how will anyone else?

The information captured here includes how the company makes its profits and when they are distributed, as well what price is needed for buyers of this item.

Spelinspektionen may intervene when this information is absent or otherwise not readily available.

The Swedish Government is taking action to ensure that all lotteries are in compliance with current law. This includes producing digital information for municipal inspectors and administrators, which will be released this autumn!

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