Entain is a company that provides betting bonuses to their users. On the day of racing, Entains customers bet 12 million pounds worth with them at Grand National!

Provides betting bonuses

These are record numbers for a single-day sportsbook, and they only expect the trend of betting on horse racing to grow from here.

The horse racing industry is in the midst of something called “the Covid-19 pandemic” which has caused many people to stay away from Aintree’s three day event. This means that returning punters who were previously unable get into this year’s Grand National Meeting atraudling speeds will be able go back and witness history being made by trainers all over England!

With the recent sale of new odds, it’s no surprise that Entain has seen a huge increase in business. On Saturday alone there were 4 million bets placed with 72% more money changing hands than last year!

The buildup to this year’s Grand Prix was unlike any other. Over 20,000 bets were placed online with Entain in the lead-up and there were 538 thousand active customers for Ladbrokes or Coral combined!

It was great to see so many people come out and enjoy the Grand National. I’m not sure if you all noticed, but our official racetrack is finally back too!

With our aggressive service, we were able to offer a seamless experience for customers across all of the brands and apps on which they shop. We also had dedicated teams working around-the-clock in case anything went wrong or there was an issue with your purchase!

“The end of the Grand National was a momentous occasion for horse racing. With such an exciting event, it’s no surprise that people are excited to keep up with all their favorite happenings in this new social media age! The official app will be chock-full of live updates from race day through post time so you can receive every last detail about how your horses performed on course and what they’re doing now after finishing fourth or fifth place.”

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