Stakelogic Live has launched a range of games with BetCity, including blackjack and poker.


Stakelogic Live has launched a range of games with BetCity, including blackjack and poker.
The company’s newest product is live now – it includes both gambling on standard tables as well slots machine options for those who prefer their luck to come from scratch rather than by going through trialand error gameplay modes found within other digital destinations

The latest addition to the already extensive Stakelogic Live suite is American Blackjack. BetCity players can now indulge in live casino games like European Roulette and Auto-Roulette, which are played on duplicates of those found at your favorite tables across town!

The rise of BetCity has been meteoric. The company is now taking their game portfolio one step further by adding live dealer technology to create an immersive experience for players across Europe, Africa and Asia.
In just two short years since it’s inception – Stakelogic Live has quickly become a household name in Dutch gaming circles thanks largely due its leading position on the market with regard games like blackjack or roulette . In fact according Stephan van den Oetelaar “It was only natural” that he took this success story into larger realms when developing bet at sports.

The exciting news for BetCity and Stakelogic Live is that they have just become the leading provider in Dutch-speaking countries. This means their services will now be accessible to more players, which can only lead them upwards as this market grows rapidly!

“We’re excited to team up with BetCity and bring our expertise in live dealer content development. This will be an excellent opportunity for us, as we look forward onto building on the already successful partnership by delivering top-notch games that are sure not only delight players but also provide them with entertainment.”

This is a great opportunity for new customers to experience the provider’s full range of video slots.

“We know that our players want the best experience in live casino and we’ve chosen Stakelogic Live to provide top-quality content for them,” said BetCity CEO Melvin Bostelaar. “The company offers great services with proven results, so it’s an ideal partnership.”

“We know that with this new addition, we will be able to provide our players an even more immersive experience. It also helps us stand out from all of the other companies operating in Dutch gaming markets and continues on what has been seen as a trend for 2017 by many businesses within these sectors.”

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