The city of Las Vegas is getting a new $550 million resort, with construction already underway!

$550 million

When the dust settled after a groundbreaking ceremony for Dream Las Vegas, it became clear that this new gambling mecca will be an unparalleled experience.

Contour and Shopoff Realty Investments are developing a $550m project that will bring more than 1,000 jobs to the area. The development is being helmed by Dream Hotel Group with support from two Related Companies’ affiliates – Tobas Security Services LLC (a provider of security services) as well as internally-held Kinney capitalism ventures capital arm X Company A&R Resources Incorporated.
A rendering courtesy of Contour showing what one appearance may look like at this new hotel property located near UCF’s University Point campus ́and downtown Orlando.

Featuring a beautiful view of the ocean, Dream will be an epicenter for luxury. The hotel offers 531 rooms with all amenities one could need including 24-hour room service and high speed wifi access available throughout your stay at this top tier property! In addition there is also 20k square feet dedicated to gaming where you can play slots or table games such as poker after hours in our luxurious casino space managed by P2E Entertainment Group.
With restaurants galore offering cuisine from around world coupled together by stunning architecture it doesn’t matter if they’re meat eaters vegetarian probiotic haters — you’ll find something perfect just waiting on.

The tallest all-residential building in the city, this skyscraper is an important part of downtown Dallas’s skyline. It was designed by renowned architects and interior designers who have created luxury residences for those living at its heights with breathtaking views to match their stunning architecture!

The groundbreaking ceremony for this new project was attended by various stakeholders, including Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

“I’m really excited about the Dream Las Vegas development, it will be great for our local economy and create thousands of new jobs!
“The project has already received approval from both Henderson City Council as well as a state agency which means that we can soon expect begin construction on this exciting endeavor,” said Knotts.

“It’s going to be an amazing year when the new luxury resort opens in 2024. We are already working hard on creating more first-class amenities and service, while extending our state’s long history as a leader for hospitality.”

Home to some of the most luxurious hotels in all of Las Vegas, this development is situated on a prime spot across from Mandalay Bay Resort and Bali Hai Golf Club.

“We’re all proud to be a part of what will undoubtedly become one the most spectacular hotels in Las Vegas,” said Dream Hotel Group CEO Jay Stein.

Las Vegas is a city known for its lively and youthful culture. The casino hotels in Las Vegas are world-renowned, but it’s also home to other great attractions like the Bellagio Fountain Show which features famous fountains from around the globe choreographed into music videos with stunning lights shows at night!

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