The appointment of Jiangbo Tian as director of data intelligence is a major shift for AviaGames.

Jiangbo Tian

The appointment of Jiangbo Tian as Director of Data Intelligence at AviaGames is a huge leap forward for the company. Not only does he have an extensive background in analytics, but it was also revealed that this genius graduated with top honors from Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School Of Government And Public Administration!
A leading gaming firm has welcomed its newest addition – A man who knows how to crunch numbers and win games alike: Mr.JiangBaoTian (or “JB”) will be taking over leadership duties within AI development after previously serving many roles including Head Analytics Officer where his expertise shines brightly through.

From its headquarters in Mountain View, California-based AviaGames development studio develops mobile and social gaming products including the Bingo Tour app as well as Pocket7games competition platform.

Tian will be responsible for the design and development of this latter product’s data architecture, as well any related components. He has decades worth experience in developing cutting edge AI technology that can support performance optimization across various industries including gaming where he was integral to establishing AIs capable enough at winning games without human assistance or knowledge!

“Big data has helped to enhance skill-based gaming experiences and push the mobile game industry towards new heights,” said AviaGames CEO, Vickie Chen. The company continuously explores tools for tailor-made social competition technology that can be broken down barriers among competitors.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to have someone with 14+ years of big data experience driving this initiative. With his expertise and energy, we can finally make a difference in the market!”

In his role as Data Platform Director at GrowingIO, he was instrumental in building an analytic platform that is capable of processing 1 TB worth data every second.
Tian’s career began with App Annie where he designed core products and architected offline/online data layers for their unified platform which has processed over 500 PB since its launch!

Tian is excited about the opportunity to take his experience in both business and technology diving into mobile gaming. He says that now’s a fascinating time because it means he can help developers make their apps better by using big data analytics tools, which will enhance player favorites as well as company operations like marketing campaigns.

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