The Sportradar team has inked a deal to become the official monitoring body of Turkey’s Basketball Federation.

Official monitoring body of Turkey’s Basketball Federation

Sportradar has signed a deal with the Turkish Basketball League that will see them provide live data for match statistics, player information and more.

With the recent agreement, bettors will have access to more betting content than ever before.

Sportradar is coming up short on the uptake as they have been slow to implement their solutions across multiple sports. This has left them red-faced, with integrity services being deployed at only 27 venues around our country due in part because it’s such a shame when leagues can’t get together and work out these issues among themselves

Get your game on with this amazing deal! Get in the thick of it all and support your favorite teams by playing at one or more of Turkey’s top basketball leagues. You’ll have access to division 1, 2 & 3 as well as cups including The Presidential Cup – so no matter what level you play at there will always be something for everyone within these circuits.

The international rights for this season have been assigned to Sportradar, who will show the BSL and TBL games on their networks starting in October. Domestic televisions are yet-to-be determined but it’s expected that they’ll striking up deals later next year with different networks across Europe after successfully negotiating some contracts over recent months which saw them securing coverage of top European Cup matches as well other great sporting events like US Open Tennis Championships or French Open Golf tournament.

TBF’s Hidayet Türkoğlu sees the benefits of technology in sports and his company is taking advantage by implementing new innovations into their business model.

Sportradar has been a great partner for us and we look forward to their continued support. They have helped in many ways, from helping kids learn the game by providing them with technology that is cutting edge to tracking player development as they mature through different levels of competition.

“The people of Turkey have always had a passion for basketball, and now they will be able to see their favorite players compete on an even bigger stage.”

Last month, the world of sports was turned upside down when Sportradar announced they would be supplying automated match highlights to French operator Française des Jeux (FDJ). This new technology will allow them time for analysis and decision making during broadcasts which could not happen before now. With this innovation comes many benefits such as cutting out Reversals from games that have already happened or even providing halftime updates on injuries so fans know who’s still playing after half-time!

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