Softswiss is on the money with their assessment that ” gamification is what people want right now”.

Softswiss 2022

Sports betting supplier, Softswiss has introduced a new addition to its line of products in an effort make sportsbook gambling more engaging. The company’s newest innovation is called “Lootboxes” which players can use on any game they choose and will be given out at random throughout each month.”

Sportsters everywhere are in luck! A new product has been announced that will allow sports bettors to win an extra bonus during the wagering process. The innovative design is sure to revolutionize how we play our favorite games, and take home some serious bankrolls along with it ̵
This sounds better than what I originally wrote!

This company says they are the first to offer this new service, where it works is you accumulate points while betting on sports and then if your score reaches enough levels when placing bets with them can get one of three free plays.

The combination of sports betting and randomised lootboxes is intriguing in the world of esports, video games. There’s some controversy around it but many people believe these boxes should be considered gambling so children shouldn’t have access to their prizes unless they’re an adult who knows what will happen when buying them!

In this case, players are already gambling and picking a lootbox for randomly selected prizes is certainly an alternative way to award free bets. Traditional examples exist with Sky Bet Club or bet365 who offer cash bonuses as rewards when you sign up through them specifically for sports wagers
In our current volatile economy where people often feel like they can’t afford anything nice because of their falling income levels it’s not surprising that some may turn back on these types opportunities offered by sites suchs betting websites but there’re still plenty out there waiting.

Kamenetsky, a product owner for Softswiss Sportsbook said that they are always paying attention to market trends and player needs when developing new bonuses. One of their key goals in gamification is what the players want right now which can be seen as one way they meet those demands while also staying up-to date with industry standards on quality assurance.

“The Lootbox Bonus is a win-win for us and our clients! It’s been great to see the number of new users increase with each passing day, as they all seem pretty happy campers who came here looking forward not just winning some money but also having fun while doing so.”

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