The Netherlands has welcomed its 23rd iGaming license in a row.


The Netherlands has finally achieved its 23rd iGaming license! This is a major win for the European country, which will allow it to continue developing games that are both lucrative and fun.
A couple more licenses remain before all of Europe can claim them too – but only time until we see what happens when they race each other at last?

In September, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted three iGaming licenses. One was awarded to Tulipa Entertainment a Romanian gaming company that operates in Europe and North America – while another went hands-down for Smart Gaming BV’s bid when they planned on building their business out at home with Dutch support behind them! The third licensewinner though might be more newsworthy than any other: Holland Gaming Technology already has operations across Asia Pacific including Australia where it offers virtual horse racing among other games available online through websites such as BingoJokes!

The gambling industry is booming and new casinos are opening every day. The 19 other companies who received licenses before One Casino, but their domain names under which they will operate have not yet been revealed to the public eye at large!

This means that the Netherlands’ online gambling ledger will be updated to include all KSA member countries.

The Netherlands has just published a report on its first 12 months of iGaming market regulation. The country launched this new industry with great enthusiasm and we’re excited to see what happens next!

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been making impressive progress in its goal to create a “completely safe environment” for online gamblers and eradicate illegal providers.
A recent development shows that KSA Chair Rene Jansen expressed the country’s commitment by saying it is, “step by step,” moving closer toward achieving this ultimate goal – creating an entirely legal gambling site with no room left over dedicated towards black market activity or other crimes associated from using these sites illegally.

One of the ways that KSA plans on helping its channelisation efforts is by issuing more licenses for companies such as One Casino.

Jansen partly acknowledged this, stating: “It is important to make the right adjustments on basis of observed facts; however it’s crucial that you find balance in what we do.”

“It is important to make the right choices when it comes down legal providers. In order for a person or business in this industry be successful, they need an attorney who will represent them well and help keep their operations above board.”

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The fines are staggering! Gammix could be forced to pay €1.47m ($1 494 000) per week if they continue providing unlicensed iGaming in The Netherlands, but this doesn’t seem like an huge concern for them as it turns out that their revenue has