News Corp and Tripp have teamed up to launch a new bookmaker.


News Corp and Tripp have teamed up to launch a new bookmaker. This will be the company’s first venture into sports betting, but it comes at an interesting time for News Corporation with CEO Les Hinton recently stepping down from his post as head of both BSkyB (news) global networks and The Sunday Times Magazine after 10 years in charge following serious questions were raised about editorial integrity during last year’s phone hacking scandal which rocked Fleet Street newspaper world wide.

News Corp Australia is in talks to launch a sports betting company that would partner with gambling entrepreneur Matthew Tripp. The former boss of BetEasy has been selected as its Chief Executive, but there’s still plenty more discussions ahead before an agreement can be finalised and announced publicly by either party so stay tuned!

News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch has been working on this project for over a year now and it seems that he is close to closing the deal. After much negotiation, News Corporation finally settled their partnership with an equity group of investors who are associated by Matthew Tripp as well Las Vegas based online gambling investors Tekkorp in order to create what will be called “The New Fox”.

The Stars Group bought out Tripp’s Sportsbet before he sold it for a fortune.
Foriented with success, the CEO of this company founded his first betting shop at just 20-years old and now has an empire that spans across Australia!

News Corp’s new major revenue stream could provide a much-needed boost for this struggling media company. The reach of the Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph, in addition to 60% ownership on Foxtel will surely make it beneficial!

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait may finally be over. Multiple sources have indicated that an announcement regarding this new company is set for this week and it sounds like everything has fallen into place nicely so far! The Journal also hints at some interesting terms in negotiations which seem pretty fair considering Tripp Holdco LLC acquired BetMakers Technology last year with $25 million worth of stakes invested by him- not bad considering he already owned 20%.
At first glance these announcements seem minor compared to what happened just months ago when Facebook revealed its Libra cryptocurrency project.

The business ventures of this nature are not new to the gaming industry, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen one. However with talks about Fox Corp securing rights for its brandname coming soon after some Recent developments in regards tto our latest project here at Betsoft Gaming Studios – It is expected that rather than using ” FOX Bet” on either side or merely adding another layer entirely separate from what has gone before; They’ll go ahead an adopt yet another moniker instead!

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