A leading digital marketing agency, Leadstar Media has launched a website in Nigeria.


Affiliate Leadstar Media has doubled down on Africa’s betting market, launching a new website in Nigeria. The company is now the industry leader and plans to keep that position with this latest development!

Leadstar is back with a new venture that will make it easier for players in Nigeria to find the best bonuses. The company has launched Betting Bonus Nigeria, which provides comparisons of different betting sites and their current offers so you can determine what’s worth your time or money before signing up!

The site will offer advice for betting enthusiasts on which bonuses and promotions are worth getting, giving you the inside scoop about all of Nigeria’s online bettors market.

The site’s home page provides all the information you need to sign up and make your first bet. Additionally, there are links galore which lead users down an endless rabbit hole of possibilities; from how long bonuses last for or whether they can be withdrawn after being claimed – it really pays off researching this stuff before hand!

Leadstar Media’s Product Director, Jacob Ljunggren said “We are excited about the launch of Betting Bonus Nigeria. The idea for this website was conceived with Nigerian punters in mind.”

“The latest research from our team shows that there has been a surge in sports betting bonuses offered to players across Nigeria. We have created this bonus comparison site so you can choose the perfect offer for your needs, no matter what they are!

Leadstar’s new website is the latest in a series of bonus comparison platforms, joining sister sites across America and India. And it doesn’t stop there! The company also has several other European websites that allow you to compare bonuses for miles earning credit cards as well – so if one isn’t enough then try them all out because chances are good at least one will be what your looking for without knowing anything about how much travel hacking benefits actually amount up when compared side by side.

The Swedish affiliate has two websites in Nigeria, which is proof of its success across Africa.

“You can now find the most reliable welcome bonus offers and promotions of bookies in one Africa’s largest iGaming markets without any bias from us!,” said Ljunggren.

“We are going to provide helpful content so that our users can find the best bonus available in market,” says Ayo Adesanya.

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