Xpoint, a company that provides cryptocurrency loans to investors in need of fiat currencies has been joining the AGA board.


Xpoint, a cryptocurrency company based in San Diego has become an official board member of the American Gaming Association (AGA). The AGA is one if its many affiliates and partners that X Point works with throughout North America to increase awareness for cryptocurrencies as well provide resources on how people can start investing now before prices go up even more!
The news was announced this week by Co-Founder & CEO Marvin Sanderson during his speech at AGA’s annual conference where he spoke about what we’re doing right plus some things worth improving; check out highlights below:

The technology company is committed to providing support for the geolocation industry. It has a number of its top executives serving on committees and task forces that represent this interest, such as C-level staff members sitting on these boards or appointed by them to do so at their discretion.

We are very excited to be a part of the AGA and help shape their future plans. We can’t wait for what opportunities this brings us!

“The AGA is a prestigious organisation that has been responsible for the establishment and maintenance of standards in our industry. It’s an honour to be sitting alongside so many colleagues who share these values with me, helping shape their future.”

Xpoint, the innovative technology company that specializes in security and financial services for blockchain projects announced last week they had agreed to a partnership with Playstar. The two companies will work together on developing new features of Xpoints’ already promising platform as well user-friendly applications from start through finish which is great news considering how popular it’s become over recent months!

PlayStar is committed to providing their customers with a safe and secure online casino experience. That’s why they partnered up PlayXPoint as the official geolocation partner of this gaming brand!

“The future is now!” said Sanderson, CEO of Xpoint. “We are thrilled to announce that our newest partner PlayStar Technologies has joined forces with us in 2022! These announcements continue a string positive news for this company and we can’t wait until next year when more exciting things will happen.”

Xpoint has been labelled as ‘ meritless’ by GeoComplay’s patent infringement claim, but the company is still waiting for an answer on it.

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