The company has started to work with G.Games and distribute their slots in Asian markets


Gaming company G.Games has signed an agreement with Asia-based B2B aggregator Solid Gaming to supply its online video slot titles for the markets in this region of Earth’s Pacific Ocean, which includes Japan and South Korea among other countries!

G.Games, which is a British studio and has an online presence in Asian jurisdictions such as the Philippines will be adding their video slot portfolio to Solid Gaming’s offering for this market region!

The studio has produced several hit titles as part of its Deluxe suite, including Cheeky Fruits deluxe , Clover Rainbow 6 Delux and Eastern Gold – all top sellers!

Other games produced by G.Games includes Elite of Evil – Portal to Gold, a fantastic match three adventure where players must find their way through the dangerous landscape using only words as weapons and plants for defense! In addition you can play Vegans vs Vampires or Vomiting Unicorns if those sound more your speed – but no matter which one it is I’m sure they will keep everyone entertained until next time…

G.Games’ slot games are a throwback to the old-fashioned video game with modernised mechanics that have been reinvented for today’s gamer.
Gameloft, one of Ggames’ sister companies based out Los Angeles California created these Slot Machine style games which use power ups and other features typically found in slots machines.

“The Power-Ups are a new and exciting feature that will provide players with an unpredictable game every time they play,” said Solid Gaming CCO Shaun Cowles. We can’t wait to see how people receive this fantastic addition brought on by Ggames!”

G.Games continues its expansion into new regions with a partnership that will reinforce their strategy in Asia.
Gabe Newell, founder and head honcho at G-games said “It’s an honor to have such strong partners like Solid gaming.” He also mention how they’re excited about what lies ahead for them both!

The partnership between G.Games and Solid Gaming will allow the company to expand into new regions with ease, as they have already established themselves in Asia.
The strengthening of this strategic tie-up means that we can expect even more exciting games from these innovative developers soon!

G.Games is excited to announce their new partnership with Helen Walton, CCO at Solid Gaming who will introduce the company’s games in markets and operators across Europe! The two companies have already begun working on projects for next year that are planned just how you want them – exciting news indeed!”

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