Michigan and West Virginia will get to experience Fantasma Games this coming year when they debut on BetMGM Casino.

BetMGM Casino

Michigan and West Virginia will soon be home to an exciting new game platform. The BetMGM Casino has teamed up with Fantasma Games, giving players in those states access not only their popular slots but also live dealer table games like blackjack or roulette – all without leaving the comfort (and safety) of your own home!

The new roll of the dice will bring you to a whole new world! With titles like Wins of Nautilus Megaways and Bounty Showdown, there is no way your gambling day could get boring. These games are set for distribution through Light & Wonder Inc., formerly Scientific Games’ US partner that specializes in delivering top-quality slot machines all over America—so don’t wait another second before giving them spin on BetMGM.

The founder of one-man game company, Fredrik Johansson has finally reached a milestone he’s been working on for almost three years. With this new expansion into America’s lucrative market and its fast growth rate – it will be hard not to notice them!

“We’re excited that our games have been able to attract the interest necessary for a US market, on top of all those proven in Europe. Our design approach combines thrilling themes with edge-of-your seat gameplay so players can experience something new each time they play.”

“We’re excited to have BetMGM onboard as a provider. They will be able provide top-notch entertainment with their slots, and we can’t wait!”

Imagine the most intense game of hide-and-seek you’ve ever played. Now imagine that instead of being somewhere dark, it’s done in complete darkness with only a few candles lit and your teammates can’t see anything either – not even their own hands or feet! That is what Fantasma Games offers our OGOs: an immersive experience unlike any other available today.”

“This is a major step for us and we’re really excited to be working with one of the best studios in Michigan. We believe that players around these states will love what they offer, which goes hand-in-hand perfectly with our mission.”

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