The Paysafe Corporation is launching a new VIP program for its players.

VIP program

The Paysafe Corporation is launching a new VIP program for its players. The initiative, which will be called “VIP PlayeR”, aims to give dedicated gamers more access and opportunities within the company as well as provide them with cash rewards in return on their loyalty towards PSF Group’s brands.

Paysafe is upping the ante in its battle with other digital wallet providers by launching a new VIP scheme for high-stakes online gamblers. This follows last month’s upgrade to Paysages Skrill USA product, which was launched together with PlayUp USA–a sportsbook operator that specializes exclusively on sporting events from America’s four major continents: North/South America (CONCACAF), Europe including Russia but not CHAN Spain nor Scandinavia + Turkey; Africa).
The two companies have partnering up again after collaborating back when they first began offering their services three years ago!

The iGaming industry is recognizing the need for higher limits. This week, Paysafe informed bettors that they will be providing an instantlyfunded deposit option through their high-volume online wallet service with what Smith called “the US’s highest limit offerings.” PlayUp USA also takes pride in its VIP program and ability to onboard new clients quickly once vetted by our team due diligence processes.

PlaySafe USA’s new VIP player programme is designed to help bettors who want an even easier way of deposits, with minimal friction. The single transaction limit will be increased by up too several hundred times the standard amount for Play-up clients enrolled in Paysafe’s current Vip Programme!

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new VIP player programme with PlayUp USA,” said CEO Zak Cutler. “This innovative partnership will allow us an opportunity for monetization in a space where there was previously none.”
“The American iGaming market has seen rapid growth over recent years and we want Skrill USA, as well as all other partners that are partaking this venture into digital currency platforms suchs PayPal Here or Venmo before it’s too late!”

“Skrill, a leading digital wallet company in America is confident that their new product upgrade will make them the preferred choice for operators’ VIP customer segments. This was announced last week following several operator meetings where it was discussed how best to integrate Skrill latest offerings into existing business models.”

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