Pace-O-Matic is objecting to the way that law firm has been handling their claims

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I bet you thought Pace-O-Matic was just an innocent company, didn’t you? Well it seems like they have been caught up in some serious double dealing and campaign to destroy their business.

When Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott took up arms on behalf of Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino, they faced allegations that it had become a military subcontractor in its own right.

The lawsuit contends that Eckert “covertly manipulated litigation” adverse to POM’s interests. The company claims she worked at the behest of Parx Casino and its consultants, seeking to block it from doing business in Pennsylvania; but this wasn’t just any opponent – they are up against one with a centuries-long history as well!

The gaming commission is looking at dockworkers to see if they were paid off by casinos.
Makes sense right? I bet you can’t wait for your next trip!

Even though Parx opposed POM’s operations in Pennsylvania, it seems that Eckert still represented both clients. When confronted with this conflict of interest he denied any wrongdoing and refused to withdraw from representing them at trial despite being ordered by a judge not do so because there could be severe consequences if you break your promise like losing access or seeing reduced sentencing guidelines depending on who wins court cases where lawyers have conflicting interests.

In November 2021, US Magistrate Judge Joseph Saporito Jr found that Eckert had acted in “bad faith” by seeking to withhold emails which demonstrated it was representing both Parx and POM. The firm appealed but FederalJudge Jennifer Wilson ruled for PME earlier this month after she determined their actions showed intent on obstructing justice or wasting court time so there would be no recovery of attorney fees should they lose the appeal.
As you can see from above passage involving two different courts’ decisions regarding PCA/MPM (pari passu), one party’s lawyers were not pleased at all with how things went down – even though ultimately wins are always good news!

They say one law firm is sneaky, but two? The competition between this company and POM was fierce. It all came down to who could swear less than their opponent- in order for them both not break any promises made with clients or else risk losing business entirely!

“It is never acceptable for a public affairs officer to engage in unethical tactics like this. Michael Barley, POM’s Chief Public Affairs Officer said: “Eckert crossed every line imaginable.”

“This case has revealed how Eckert and its agents have been able to devastatingly impact many people, including POM’s customers. We hope that the courts can right this wrong.”

The Georgia-based POM Skill Based Gaming company has accused the Philippines’ gaming commission of coordinating harassment, at least according to their June statement. They say this is all part and parcel for being in competition with big casino interests who want people playing games online instead of on site where they can make more money off each bet!

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