NeoGames, who are Aspire Global’s official gaming partner extend their offer for acceptance period!


NeoGames has extended the original acceptance period yet again, this time for Aspire Global shareholders.

The announcement by NeoGames today is exciting news for Aspire Global shareholders! The company announced that they have submitted an offer to acquire all outstanding warrants and options, as well 828K new shares. In order meet the conditions of their proposal (which were approval from two relevant authorities), it was also mentioned in this release how many existing stockholders need only convert any remaining securities into no more than eight hundred sixteen thousandths (~8%) diluted capital at $10 per share — “including via private agreement where possible”

Aspire Global shareholders have been given an extension to the acceptance period, originally set at 25 May 2022 by NeoGames. The new deadline for accepting terms is 14 June 2032 5pm CEST which gives them more time if they wish it so and will receive 50% cash plus half of what was offered in stocks than before – Swedish depository receipts!

Neo Games announced that they will be unable to extend the acceptance period anymore, and any acceptances after this new deadline won’t count either. All shares tendered during an extended date have been valued at $30 per share since 30 June 2022.

NeoGames has now acquired 90% of Aspire Global’s shares, meeting the condition that is required for an unconditional offer to take effect.

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