It’s the most exciting one-day sporting event in England! The Coral Display will be making its debut at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, and we can’t wait.

Coral Display 2022

The world’s first 3D horseracing display has been set up in London’s Piccadilly Circus ahead of this year’s Cheltenham Festival, and it is sure to attract a lot attention from fans around the country. This innovative new technology was introduced by Coral betting brand which becomes Britain ‘ s first bookmaker ever!

The DeepScreen activation at Ocean Outdoor’s Piccadilly Lights features four horses and their jockeys jostling for first place.
The competition has been tough, but our team is confident that they will win this year’s race!

Despite their best efforts, the horses and jockeys were unable to beat four other competitors in this horse race at Piccadilly Lights. The DeepScreen activation features five different images that are impossible for humans but easy when you have a computer or phone with access to digital photography techniques!

The horse is shown jumping out of the screen in slow motion, its movements are so elegant and beautiful. It will appear on rotation every hour for one week during Cheltenham Festival to promote equestrian events that take place within this great sporting event!

The Grand National is one of the most famous races in England, but it has never been given this sort or treatment before. In fact Chris Brocklehurst said that they were blown away by how much detail went into making everything look perfect for their show stopping event!

Chris Brocklehurst, Coral’s Head of Brand Marketing commented on the new showstopper: “Never before has racing been given this sort treatment and it really brings fans closer to their favorite sport.”

The7stars, an award-winning London based media agency have planned a concurrent campaign that includes “out of home takeovers” at Cheltenham Spa station and social media activity. They also maintain digital audio/print advertising campaigns for their client’s products throughout this time period which are all designed to boost awareness about who or what is behind the brand new flavor launch!

Coral has plans to expand their campaign into other major cities across the UK, including London and Edinburgh.

“The7stars have worked with Coral to create an innovative and impactful media campaign that utilises a range of channels. We want our audience members close up in the moment so they can experience everything first hand!”

“Coral’s commitment to creativity is perfectly illustrated by their activation of the Piccadilly Lights. They are now one of only a few bookmakers that utilize Ocean’s DeepScreen 3D templates, which will allow them even more opportunities for innovation and growth.”

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