Ireland has taken a step in the right direction by creating modern gambling regulation.


With the spread of online gambling expanding across all boundaries, it is no wonder that they would want regulations in place.

We are delighted by the development of a modern regulatory framework for gambling in Ireland. This is an important milestone on our journey to establish robust and innovative regulations that will protect consumers while also supporting vibrant businesses like ours who contribute positively towards society through gaming entertainment.
We welcome this Pre-legislative Scrutiny Report as it shows commitment from both Government departments, Irish Parliamentarians/representatives but most importantly i ndividuals interested parties such us industry stakeholders etcetera.

Its easy to see why Ireland is one of only two EU member states lacking specific regulations regarding online gambling. The General Scheme sets out plans for “a Gamble regulating authorities focused on public safety and well-being, covering gamblers’ engagements with both in person or web based activities.

The Irish Parliament’s Justice Committee has compiled a report on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology in Ireland. TheEGBA welcomed both this scheme, which they largely agreed with (including recommending that any future regulator publish market data), as well as recommendations made by committee members such that all operators are subject to codes of conduct established through an enforceable register published annually by their authoritiest stakeholders must follow these requirements whether or not they operate within the country’s borders.

The Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association was relieved to see that Ireland has taken a collaborative approach in regards for regulating their gambling market. It is important because all parties involved want what’s best for this country, whether or not it means allowing certain things like betting on sporting events as longs considered illegal elsewhere around Europe.
In addition he added “I’m also pleased by how much input we were able get from stakeholders during Commission discussions—that really helped shape our understanding”

Haijer also advised Irish lawmakers not to create a unique regulatory framework for gambling in their country, but rather look at what other European Union member states have done. He said: “But there is no need altogether reinvent the wheel; most EU members already have well-established regulations on this topic and we encourage authorities here doing research into those models as best practices.”

The Committee has sent Ireland’s Minister of State for Justice, James Browne a report with recommendations on how to reform their country’s outdated cannabis laws. The legislation is expected later this year and we can’t wait!

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