Gamzix is launching a crash game reskin called “Pilot Cup.”

Pilot Cup

Gamzix has just launched their new game, “Pilot Cup.” The aim is to make the wait for World Cup 2022 more fun by creating an iGaming product that pays homage towards football fans.
Gamzix said they are looking forward in collaborating with developers who can help bring these types of interactive entertainment experiences into reality throughsoon-to be released games such as “Pilot Cup” which will include authentic player models and real stadiums from around Europe!

Gamzix knows how to make things simple. The company’s latest project, which was just released last week and can be played on mobile devices as well desktop computers, has three rules for success: Fast results without sacrificing their thematic design; providing those who cannot wait with an authentic experience like no other game out there today – this one is trulyfor your mind!

Gamzix has released new game specifications for their platform, including an RTP of 96%. The ability to change skins individual casinos and 22 localizations are all included in this update. Additionally Gamzix added that Pilot Cup is supported via web view as well as accepting currencies from any type allowed on the site – making it easy enough even if you don’t have account access!

Gamzix, the developers of Audacity commenting on their current need for inspiration said that “One of our main goals is to respond. We are not making games just for ourselves; it’s always about people and what they desires so we had no doubts whatsoever when deciding how best inspire this year’s World Cup fans with something special.”

The football world is set to enjoy the 2022 World Cup, with 32 nations fighting it out across five different host cities. The tournament begins on 20 November and will last until 18 December – making this one of hottest sporting events ever!

Join the game and make your own predictions about who will win this years World Cup! You can play on Pascal Gaming’s website. The more people that participate, the higher chance there is for success in predicting results accurately- so get out there guys & gals because it’ll all depend upon how well you know football (or soccer as some might say).

The game is played with players filling out a prediction bracket for each match that they predict the outcome of. If you get all your predictions right, then it’s final and winners are decided by points – which gives an idea about where people stand on top spot!

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