XLMedia is predicting that 38% of revenues will go up in H1.

$44.5 million

XLMedia has just published their trading update, which outlines that they’re expecting revenue of $44.5 million for H1 and other performance predictions!

The company is expecting an impressive revenue increase of 38% and even more remarkable EBITDA climb.

XLMedia battery-powered sports watch maker, Buoyed by its newest vertical US Sports has been on a roll. The company is expecting even better numbers for the next six months and trading well over this past one!

Following the success of its first half, it seems that US Sports Business is off to a good start for H2. The segment accounted for 68% – or $30+ million dollars- in revenue during this time frame with most coming from new markets opening up and media partnerships being signed.

Gaming, the company’s restructured casino and bingo vertical accounted for $8.4m in revenue while personal finance delivered 800k
Movies & TV generated a total of 11 million dollars last year- but that number is up almost 100% this time around! Let’s take an even deeper dive into what makes these films so lucrative:
1) Box office earnings were at, which means there was still growth left over after theaters collect their share. 2) Overseas markets are becoming increasingly important as Americans spend less on entertainment due to rising costs associated with food prices.

Gaming has fallen from $12.5m, while personal finance has declined by 6%.
The gaming industry is not as lucrative these days due to the rise of online streaming services like Twitch that offer cheaper prices for video games without any need for downloading or installing updates on your PC/Macbook Pro which also means you can play those long haul sessions where friends are welcome too! On top o this recent trend there’s been an increase in mobile gamers who want smaller screens so they don’t get tired when looking at intricate graphics during intense battles – especially if their opponent isn.

In a recent report, the company revealed that gaming revenues are expected to continue trading below historic levels. However they have shown some signs of stabilizing after suffering from an 11% decline this past year alone.

XLMedia has issued a statement regarding its financial performance for the first half of this year. The company reported that they are feeling increasingly pressured by aging technology, re-evaluating marketing tactics and aligning themselves with best practice to generate new growth opportunities in 2019 which will be announced at their H1 results presentation next week.

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